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Translation offer

Professional translation:

Our price is reasonable and decided through mutual consolation

It is suggested that customers consider the following factors when making inquiry:

Word count: national unified standard layout. Files with words below 500 calculated as 500 and words between 500 and 1000 as 1000.

Language differences: languages except English, Russian, German, French and Japanese, other languages are rare languages with translation price being higher than that of the main five languages.

Diagram word count; those parts including diagrams, illustrations and examples are counted as they were full of words in national unified standard layout.

Foreign to foreign translation; make relevant conversion based on Chinese character, namely total Chinese words equals each Latin word multiplies two.

Day translation: three thousand Chinese words in each day

Additional Feethe result that standard days needed divides days required by customers multiplies unit price

DepositFor first time cooperation, deposit will be charged based on 60% of the pre - estimated words and exact number of words will be calculated after the translation.

Other factors:

technical data category;

data size:

Delivery time;

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